Shipping & Payment

Methods of payment

  1. Cash on delivery. You declare that you wish to pay by this method in our e-shop.
  2. Credit card/ Automatic payment with the security of Piraeus Bank.
  3. By transfer to our bank account. The account number is GR-8301-2115-0005-1150-2093-9826 of Piraeus Bank. You must send us the receipt by email to ( [at] gmail com) with name and delivery address

Delivery conditions

  1. Free in Greece
  2. Abroad after agreement


Our products are tested for good operation before shipping. West Win E.E. offers 1 year guarantee. This covers manufacturing defects but not mishandling. The customer is responsible for shipping back the product and incurs the related expenses.

Return process

  1. You must apply to return the product no later than three days after the date that you have received it from us
  2. The packaging must be intact.
  3. The product must be intact.
  4. You have to pack the product into a box, so that it is protected.
  5. You have to put into the package a document, in which you state how you wish to be reimbursed if the product is considered eligible for return.
  6. You send us the product through the courier service from which you received the product. Please note that the shipping costs are payed by the customer.
  7. We wish to inform you that if the product is found not eligible for return it will be sent back to you at your own cost.