Transactions security
Being very sensitive about electronic transactions security we have assigned their execution to Piraeus Bank. Transactions are executed directly through the bank following the internationally acknowledged standard 3D-Secure to minimise the risk of non authorised use of your credit card, requiring user authorisation during an online transaction. West Win E.E. never stores credit card information. The user is redirected to the bank web site and the validity of your credit card data is directly verified by the bank. Our communication with the Bank concerns only the validity of the credit card and not the credit card data.

Personal Data security
West Win E.E. is committed to the security and integrity of the data that it collects about the users of its web site. West Win E.E. has adopted procedures that protect the personal data entered by the users or by any other means. These procedures protect the personal user data from any non authorised access or disclosure, loss or misuse, change or destruction. These procedures also help to confirm that these data are valid and are used appropriately.

West Win E.E. has designed the web site so that the users can visit it without need to reveal their identity unless they want to. The visitors are asked to provide their personal data only in case that they want to order our products, to register with our web site or to send a message.

Use of data. West Win E.E. collects two types of visitor information: (1) customer data during registration (2) data that are required for ordering and shipping. During the completion of any order form you will be asked for name, address, post code, electronic mail, telephone number, preferred payment. Additionally you are asked about billing information or clarifications about your order. If you have opted for credit card payment, you will be asked for credit card info by the bank but this information is not accessed or stored by West Win E.E.. West Win E.E. uses the entered information to communicate with you about (1) your shipment (2) user confirmation and identification (3) for informing you for new products of offers.

Data access. Every order requires collection of personal data for delivery or reservation. The use of credit card, which requires proof of legal possession, only for the first transaction, is secured in any case. Every user document that certifies the user identity remains strictly personal and is only accessed by West Win E.E.. By entering the above personal data you agree that they can be used by authorised personnel of West Win E.E. for the aforementioned purposes. Exceliksis E.E. requires from its employees to offer the security level mentioned in the present declaration of personal data protection. West Win E.E. cannot share with other parties your personal data without your prior approval unless legally obliged. Please consider that under specific circumstances it is permitted or required judicially that your personal data be collected, used or revealed without your prior consent.

West Win E.E. allows visitors to correct, modify, complete, or delete data entered in the eshop. If you delete some information West Win E.E. will act so that this information will be immediately deleted from its archives. For the protection and safety of the user, West Win E.E. will try to ensure that the person which makes the changes is actually the same person as the user. To have access, change or delete your personal data , to report problems of the web site or for any other question please communicate through email with [admin at electromagnetic gr]. The modification or correction of your personal data can also be done through the sign up page. Please consider that we will protect your personal data as well as possible, but the protection of your password depends also on you.