The West Win company

West Win E.E. offers integrated hi-tec solutions. Our services address the field of informatics and telecommunications, photovoltaic energy as well as the sensitive issue of safety from dangerous electromagnetic radiation and we are representatives in Greece of CORNET - USA.

West Win E.E. is one of the most reliable companies offering integrated solutions with 5 years of operations. It is operated by exceptionaly experienced Electrical and Computer Engineers, graduates from the National Technical University of Athens holders of PhD and MSc degrees. Our human capital has gained singificant know how through our past projects, and continuous education and is able to satisfy the most complex user requirements.

Among our customers are the biggest companies of west Attica (Greek Petroleum, Public Gas Corporation etc) the most highly populated municipalities in the same region (Aspropyrgos, Elefsina), as well as the most prestigious research organisations (National Techical University of Athens, National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos)

Our new products concern the measurment of electromagnetic fields from non expert users. This proves our sensitivity for public health and the environment.

Big Customers

- Greek Petroleum SA
- Public Gas Corporation SA
- National Technical University of Athens
- National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos"
- Orfanidis .. - Ship repairs
- Leo Marine - Ship engines
- Kontonikas ..
- Petsas and Sons - contruction
- Issaris constructions
- National Centre for Cultural and Professional Applications
- Informatics Department of Aspropyrgos Municipality
- Municipal Development Enterprise of Aspropyrgos
- Cultutral Centre of Aspropyrgos
- Centre for senior care of Aspropyrgos
- Centre for citizen service of Aspropyrgos
- Informatics Department of Elefsina Municipality
- Cultutral Centre of Elefsina
- Centre for citizen service of Aspropyrgos
- "Thriasio" newspaper
- Lawer office "Lemonis and Associates:
- For You - advertising company